About us

Iron Angel film productions formed back in 2001, and with every year that passes,

I believe we are progressing leaps and bounds with the quality of our work.

Our aim is to make every new project that step better, and to be able make our movies look as professional as possible for as cheap as possible.

Hi my name is Tony Gardner, I'm 40 years of age and live, work, and film in and around the North East of England in an area called Gateshead just a few miles away from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Gateshead is widely known for it's huge 60ft Metal sculpture of an Angel which is where I originally came up with the idea of Iron Angel Film Productions.

Gateshead is also recognised for it's Famous 1970s movie " Get Carter" starring Michael Caine. and has Featured in other various films such as "Purely Belter"

From about the age of 15 I always dreamt of making films, my imagination would run wild, I could not afford a camcorder at the time so I wrote stories and illustrated my own comic books.

It wasn't until I was 17 I purchased my first video camera, it was one of those old Panasonic cameras with a huge shoulder mounted pack you had to carry with you to hold the tape.

I would often make two three minute movies of small Aliens climbing through my bedroom window attacking me, or hang out with my friends making comedy sketches.

Looking at those videos now I find them hilarious, but I suppose I had to start somewhere.

In the year 2000 I had a more modern camcorder and had a little experience in filming by then, I had also been working on a script which I knew I had to put to film.

The Film would be "Dense Fear", it took a long time to be taken serious with this project and convince my friends to act for me, but I had a break through and we finally filmed between 2001 and 2003.

During that time I had a load of personal problems happening in my life, but was determined to complete my dream of making my first ever full film.

Since then I feel I have learned so much, I am totally self taught in filming, and I learn from my own mistakes.

Our second movie "Eleven Twenty" took my dreams to a whole new level.

We were lucky enough to have our trailer noticed on you tube from the Director of Swansea bay Film Festival in 2006, he invited me free of charge in to the competition which we where more than happy to take part in.

I never really had any confidence in my movie getting anywhere as there where thousands of entries.

It wasn't until I received an email stating we had been put up for a nomination for best under 35 min film that I realized what our film had achieved, we where all ecstatic about this.

I think from that point it changed my views on my own work, I now feel we have what it takes to give it a shot in these competitions and I always strive to make my next film that one step better.

Since then we have been working on the sequel to Dense Fear and I have some great short projects in mind.

Film making without any doubt is something I live for, I find it fascinating to take something from your own imagination and place it on screen for everyone else to see, personally I find it the ultimate buzz.

Tony Gardner
Founder of Iron Angel Film Productions

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