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Site Update 06/09/18

Hi Everyone,
Got a mixed bag of news for you.
For anyone who often visits this site, you might of wondered why such a long absence between updates?

Well i had took some time out from film making, actually thought about quitting it all together.
Sadly in April 2018  my latest feature film "Teens vs Vampires A.K.A  The Lost Ones  closed production due to many problems.
3 years in the making had went down the pan.

I hate pointing fingers as to who was to blame, but i had a lot of trouble with two certain cast members who made life very difficult to carry on filming, cancelling scheduled shoots at the last minute  taking on other projects which limited their availability a lot making it virtually impossible to get all the cast together for particular shoots.

All this was going on as our main Three teenagers physically changed in appearance during the long delays between shoots. 
The rest of our cast  including our three main teenagers i couldn't fault,  each one is so professional at what they do indeed and i am so proud of what they had achieved during filming this, just wished i got to show off their amazing talents.

On top of the trouble with the two cast members, i was also having trouble getting locations for the movie, we contacted several comic shops without reply and also had no luck getting permissions to film in local Churches.
Money definitely talks and that's something i didn't have for this movie.

I can say with this project, i have lived and i have learned the hard way, my advice to any up and coming film makers would be, stay small, keep your projects interesting, but doable, we can all have these amazing ideas in our head, putting those ideas to screen without a good production crew and a half decent budget is a very hard thing to achieve.

Secondly work with actors who you know quite well, people you can trust and know are reliable and who are generally passionate about their art and are not just there to feed their own egos.

I have found in my years of film making, there are a lot of so called actors out there who talk the talk, they seem 110%  interested in the project until they have to put in the work.
Unfortunately this is a common problem with no budget and Amateur film making in General, again, money talks and if some people are not getting paid, they are not interested.    

After my project had collapsed, i kind of went in to a depressed state, putting your all into something like that without closure was a very hard pill to swallow.

I also had feelings of guilt to all the good people who helped out on this project, it felt like all their efforts and hard work had been in vain.
I hated everything about film making at that time, i came off social media and spent god knows how many hours on my Playstation, anything to take my mind away from film making, i also seemed to had lost my creative side.

For as long as i can remember, i have always been creative, drawing, painting, sculpting, writing songs and stories.
All that had gone, it's took me a long time to get that feeling back, i read somewhere that there's an actual thing known as Creative Burn out.
Maybe this is what i had suffered,...anyway that is enough of my gripe! just wanted to give you guys the explanation in full.
Now on to the better news!

A few weeks ago,one of our cast members Rachel Meredith from Teens vs Vampires movie contacted me to ask me if i would film and edit her new music video ("Blue Eyes").

As well as being an actress  Rachel  also is a singer song writer .
When i was first contacted i must admit i was still at a stage where i was resenting film making and the people around it, i was feeling bitter and hurt from what had happened to my last project.

Rachel re ensured me that there would be no pressure, she was organising everything and would be directing the actual video, all i needed to do was be the Director of Photography and editor of the video.

After a little time thinking about it i decided to jump on board her project, we had created a good friendship through filming Teens Vs Vampires.
I felt very humbled that Rachel still had believe in me and thought i was the right man for the job.

Rachel is a very hard working Actress and you just know she puts her all into everything she does and i love people like that so it was a pleasure to get a chance to work with her again. 

Anyway we finally got the ball rolling and filmed on three separate days in three  locations, as soon as i picked up the camera and said action, everything just fell back in to place and i guess it was a moment of realisation that this is where i belong doing what i probably do best.

We win some and we loose some, it's all just one big learning curve.
My plan now is to get working on smaller projects, maybe a short for Halloween ey?

For now check out our latest work (Music Video "Blue Eyes")
Written Directed and sung by the talented miss Rachel Meredith 
Hope you enjoy!

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